Our purpose lies in our name

NET ZERO: It is a state where we add no incremental greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.

KARO = TO DO, means to act. It reflects our commitment to action and direction towards achieving carbon neutrality.

Who we are ?

These are some of the values and expertise that define us

Passion for the environment

At NetZeroKaro we are a diverse bunch of people all driven by the same purpose to tackle the world’s environmental challenges. It might be our job but it is also our personal passion.

Extensive expertise

Our knowledge spans the complex field of sustainability. Our teams include data analysts, strategy experts, energy management experts, compliance wizards and project developers out in the field.

A unique culture experience

At NetZeroKaro we believe environment and employee well-being are key to sustainability. We deal with serious challenges in our day to day work life but it doesn’t stop us having fun.

A global community

NetZeroKaro has grown out of our successful global partnerships. For us collaboration is the key to success in tackling climate change and other environmental challenges. This is what we excel at.

Industries we work with











Leadership Team

Sunil Batra

Founder, Net Zero Karo
Ex-Samsung / Ex-Bharti Group

Results-driven professional with over 20 years of experience in corporate roles, including successful entrepreneurship.

Sonia Batra

Co-Founder, Net Zero Karo
Psychologist & Mental Health Professional

Sensitive and motivated professional with 15+ yrs of extensive experience in psychology assistance.

Raghav Kumar Sharma

Strategic Advisor, Net Zero Karo
Angel Investor & Entrepreneur

A serial entrepreneur & Next-Gen business professional with 15+ years of developing business strategies, hatching new business models, and building out business processes.

Manpreet Sethi

Marketing and Sustainability Strategist, Ex-Jaguar

A passionate entrepreneur with 15 Years of rich experience in driving innovative and sustainable strategies. Skilled in forming partnerships and alliances across industries and verticals.

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