Virtual Hackathon Specialists

Hire, engage and innovate with top diverse talent to accelerate your business roadmap

Ignite innovation, collaborate, and elevate your brand through impactful hackathons.

Innovation Hackathons are extensively used by some of the most innovative organizations across the globe to innovate faster where an idea or a business problem involving niche skill sets is given to the technology professionals and students to solve within 24-48 hours. Over 80% of Fortune 500 companies have hosted or sponsored hackathons to accelerate their innovation processes. Net Zero Karo specializes in conducting personalized innovation hackathons for organizations, thereby enabling them to accelerate their innovation reliably and with agility.

Innovation & IP

Hackathons are an experimental playground for ideation, prototyping and developing new innovations to solve problems.


Build a vibrant community by bringing together diverse talent, cutting-edge technologies, and collaborative processes, inspiring out-of-the-box thinking and driving impactful solutions.


Elevate your company's brand by associating with hackathons, positioning yourself as an industry expert committed to driving positive social change.


Discover top talent and assess their capabilities in handling real-world challenges through project-based hackathon challenges, providing valuable insights for recruitment and talent identification.


Attract and hire diverse, innovative talent with a customizable platform that assesses varied skill sets. Engage a large pool of participants and identify the top performers for your teams.

Reach out to a large set of participants, assess using a customisable platform and hire the best of the best

Present real-world challenges to assess problem-solving abilities and domain understanding.

Evaluate candidates' business acumen, coding prowess, situational judgment skills, and teamwork capabilities.

What We Offer ?

Community Hub

With our dedicated registration platform and cutting-edge technology, we empower organizations to efficiently capture participants' and mentors' skills and roles.

Workshops & Inductions

Unlocking potential through structured inductions and workshops for seamless onboarding and up-skilling. With our structured inductions, skill enhancement workshops, and personalized mentor-matching, we foster an environment where mentors and participants can thrive.

Content Assets & Visual Branding

Stay informed and engaged with our organization through tailored updates on participant resources, rules, and guidelines. Experience the power of streamlined communication and visually captivating updates.

Marketing & Schedule

Elevate your marketing efforts with our comprehensive support in developing impactful campaigns. Take your marketing initiatives to new heights with our expertise and resources.

Creative Support for Ideation

Ensure clear and effective communication across all channels with our comprehensive announcement services. Empower your communication efforts and accelerate your innovation journey.

Evaluation and Insights

Benefit from our expert judging assistance, comprehensive surveying, and data analysis services to gain a deeper understanding of the value-add in your hackathon.

Let's innovate together

  • Dedicated participant and mentor organisers for all of our sponsorship packages.

  • Strong linkages with other sponsors and hacker community.

  • Able to accommodate bespoke features for our enterprise customers.

  • Understand the balancing objectives and focus between hackers, makers, mentors and sponsors.​