Climate education with a difference.

A platform dedicated to driving India's transition towards a net-zero economy.

Invest in your team’s capacity to respond to our changing world

We are entering into a values-based, circular and green economy. Companies that upskill their employees with the tools of transformation will be at the forefront of adapting to the changing business landscape.

But, there is a significant sustainability skills gap in most workforces. Net Zero Karo is the capacity-building educational platform equipping the global workforce with actionable sustainability skills for this changing business landscape.

Core Learning Programs

Are you eager to make a difference in the fight against climate change within your workplace? Are you seeking ways to leverage your current job to address this pressing challenge without having to change careers? If so, our course is designed for you. Become a 'Climate Intrapreneur' and discover the essential skills needed to drive and influence critical initiatives within businesses. This course is open to anyone who is passionate about driving change and making a positive impact.

Part One

Net Zero Essentials

A comprehensive understanding of the principles, strategies, and practical steps necessary to transition their organizations toward a net-zero future

Part Two

Climate Change 101

A comprehensive understanding of the science, impacts, and solutions related to climate change. Climate key terms and concepts, measuring impacts, and approaches to taking action.

Part Three

The ABCs of Circular Economy

A comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices of the circular economy

Academy facts & key features

  • Versatile online learning platform compatible with desktop, and mobile devices, and seamless integration with existing learning systems (LMS/LXP).

  • Comprehensive and specialized curriculum specifically designed to address the knowledge and skills gaps in climate change and sustainability

  • Structured learning paths from fundamental concepts to advanced expertise

  • Customization and flexibility in all of the learning programs

  • Collaborative development process involving renowned experts from industry and academia

  • Official certificates after completion

Learning format

    Academy combines interactive online courses, complementary side content, videos and podcasts, and peer-to-peer learning as well as live webinars. With learning personas and individual learning journeys in mind, there are a range of trainings available that cater to the specific needs of various teams and departments.

Program Features

  • Skill badges
  • Certificate of Completion upon successful completion of all full program
  • 12 months of access

Academy USP

Comprehensive and Specialized Curriculum

In-depth training on a wide range of topics related to net-zero emissions, climate science, renewable energy, sustainable practices, climate finance, and more

Practical and Hands-On Learning:

Offer real-world case studies, simulations, projects, and workshops that allow participants to apply their knowledge and skills in practical settings, enhancing their understanding and competence in climate-related fields.

Industry Partnerships and Expert Faculty

The academy collaborates with industry partners, climate experts, and practitioners to deliver high-quality instruction

Customization and Flexibility

4.Platform provides tailored learning paths or modules to cater to the specific needs and interests of participants

Networking and Community Engagement

Platform facilitate networking events, online forums, mentorship programs, or collaborations, creating opportunities for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and career advancement

Focus on Innovation and Emerging Technologies

At NetZeroKaro we are a diverse bunch of people all driven by the same purpose to tackle the world’s environmental challenges. It might be our job but it is also our personal passion.

Who is the climate academy for ?

Sustainability Managers

The Net Zero Karo Academy is particularly beneficial for sustainability managers who are responsible for driving sustainability initiatives within their organizations. The academy provides them with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and implement effective net-zero strategies, measure carbon footprints, and engage stakeholders in sustainability efforts.

Corporate Executives and Leaders

Corporate executives and leaders play a crucial role in shaping the sustainability agenda of their organizations. The Net Zero Karo Academy offers valuable insights and guidance to help them understand the business case for net-zero goals, navigate regulatory landscapes, and make informed decisions to transition to a sustainable and low-carbon future.

HR and Learning & Development Professionals

Stay informed and engaged with our organization through tailored updates on participant resources, rules, and guidelines. Experience the power of streamlined communication and visually captivating updates.

Environmental and ESG Specialists

Environmental and ESG specialists focus on measuring and managing environmental impacts and integrating sustainability practices into organizations. The Net Zero Karo Academy offers them specialized training on climate science, environmental management, sustainable finance, and ESG reporting, enabling them to enhance their expertise and contribute to their organization's sustainability goals.

Entrepreneurs and Innovators

Entrepreneurs and innovators seeking to develop sustainable business models and products can benefit from the academy's courses on circular economy, sustainable innovation, and climate entrepreneurship. They can gain insights into market trends, disruptive technologies, and sustainable business practices to drive innovation and create a positive environmental impact.

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